GP Parking 2 S.r.l., with operational headquarters in Via Al Ticino 10 – 21019 Somma Lombardo (VA), offers an under-cover and out-door car parking service with transfer of people and luggage to and from Malpensa Airport -terminal 1 e terminal 2.

Other services may be agreed with the client and added to the basic service. By applying to our service, clients declare that they have read and accepted the following conditions.

The agreement covers custody of the vehicle exclusively, and theft and fire insurance for the vehicle, with explicit and absolute exclusion of any goods, equipment and devices not having a functional relationship with the vehicle. GP Parking 2 S.r.l. shall not be held liable if clients miss their flight for reasons not due to gross negligence on its part.

Refund in the event of loss of objects:

GP Parking 2 S.r.l. shall be held liable exclusively for the total theft of the vehicle and for the partial or total loss of accessories forming an essential element of the vehicle limited to their market value. All objects which do not have any functional and continued connection with the vehicle (for example: clothing, jewels, cash or other valuables, cell phones and paraphernalia, laptops, similar objects and accessories, video cameras, cameras and relevant accessories, GPS systems and any other similar valuable) left inside the vehicle are expressly excluded from the compensation mentioned above.

Refund in the event of damages to the vehicle:

GP Parking 2 S.r.l. shall be held liable for any damage caused to the vehicle during handling and/or parking of the vehicle exclusively and strictly by the actions of its own employees. Damages to clients and third parties are explicitly excluded. The Company shall not be held liable for any mechanical or electronic damage and/or breakdowns which are not the result of handling of the vehicles but of poor vehicle maintenance or unforeseeable circumstances. Damages due to weather events, such as shattering of the windshield, rear window and/or rear-view windows and, more generally, of the bodywork, etc., of vehicles booked with the “out-door parking” formula are also explicitly excluded. In the event of any damages caused by third parties, claims shall be handled by the respective insurance companies.

Changes to rates and bookings:

GP Parking 2 S.r.l. shall maintain the rates agreed upon booking even if changes are made to the rates, unless they are due to technical or logistic mistakes. GP Parking 2 S.r.l. shall also guarantee the availability of the booked parking space.

Reimbursement if the service is not used:

If the parking service is partially or totally cancelled, GP Parking 2 S.r.l. shall provide a coupon to be used for the same type of services at our parking,


Litigations should be made before leaving GP Parking: post-conflict postponements will not be accepted. The above conditions are also accepted under art. 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code as well as under art. 34 of the Italian Consumer Code.